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01-29-2010, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
Dunham for Zidlicky was a trade he won?

Pretty sure trading away Tyutin for one season of Zherdev is an incredibly dumb move, too, and there is absolutely no way to defend the Drury/Gomez signings. Each alone was a terrible idea from the start, but was a flashing big red sign: BAD IDEA. BAD IDEA.

Pretty hard to defend paying 5 mill a season to Rozsival, too. Not to mention the Kotalik contract.

Drafting Jessiman and Montoya were both more than pretty stupid, too.

As far as I see it, Sather 2.0 has already played out. The retool/rebuild on the fly doesn't work when it's poorly executed. If it did, a lot more teams would be able to pull it off successfully. He obviously still hasn't learned from his mistakes, as the Kotalik and Brashear signings this summer show, so why would we give the chance to make more such mistakes? Because of the chance, and a slim one at that, that this team is going to be competitive in 3-4 years?

You're right. Very bitter pill. But hey, that's the way I feel pretty much every season of late anyway, when Lundqvist is basically the only reason the team is even sniffing the playoffs.

I think the legacy would be that it took this guy 10 years just to figure out which path to take. We could have fully rebuilt 2-3 times already. And I think it would be a damn shame that Sather would be saddled with credit by default, since he wasted so many seasons.
You also forgot to mention the Kaspar signing.

Holik I give him a pass on in that other teams were offering very similar numbers and had he been used correctly, he wouldn't have been looked at as an absolute failure. However 9 million for a 3rd line elite checking center with size is kind of scary.....kind of like paying 7 million for (2) 2nd/3rd line diminutive center's...wait a minute...DOH!

Also structuring Lindros contract on a games played basis pretty much ensuring that he was going to play a soft game to ensure maximum return on his salary.

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