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01-29-2010, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by FireHolmgrenDotCom View Post
granted we have had some playoff failures, I admit that.
But the Pens had Jagr and Mario for how many years?
Not many fan bases piss me off more then their fan base then theirs.
You cant even have a rational discussion with 99 percent of them.
I love how he brings the Pirates into the discussion. I mean when was the last time they were relivant?
I'm not counting out the playoff failures we've had, but granted, failing in the playoffs is better then looking in from the outside where they were.
And the whole sports city thing gave me a good chuckle. I really did love how that guy threw all that stuff out there. Sure, Pitt might have all those things, but they're not really known for their passion and loyalty. Philly might not have that many championships, but that's what makes us so great. After all those terrible years, we still follow our teams year in, and year out.
And as far as everyone else in that thread, I can't believe people are legitimately using the players as a basis of deciding. The exact question was, who is the better organization? Last I checked, the includes the whole package, not just players, or championships.

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