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01-12-2005, 10:29 AM
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Based on what?
Just going on what the players themselves said.

Vikes marched up and down the field at will last time against that defense.
Trotter was not in the middle of that defense. When he was moved to the middle, the ability of teams to run the ball on us was limited. It was week 2, Trotter got moved to MLB after the Pittsburgh game.

And that was with Wiggins hurt, Bennett out, Adam Haayer starting at RT and before Burleson started
Now Williams is out and Moss is limping around on a bad ankle. Also, with that defense, Moss had 69 yds and 1TD late in the game. Kearse is going to dominate Goldberg and that is going to cause problems for Culpepper.

The Vikes stopped more drives by self-destructing than the Eagles defense did.
We stripped Culpepper of the ball near the endzone, good defense by us. Our defense is even better than that now.

Eagles simply don't have the CBs neccesary to cover the Vikes receiving core. Moss, even hurt, demands double coverage
Yeah right.

I do agree with the rest of your assessment, should be a good game.

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