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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
The biggest mistake you can make in beer league is taking it too seriously. It is suppose to be fun, not the minor pros.
I read the other posts that quote this, and they are pretty true, some guys think that the local team scouts these rec games ( at least it seemed that some guys did in KC in the 90's) ... and it was a beginner league... completely nuts...

*but* - you know I also heard this exact thing: "It's Senior C..." down here in the Sydney area --- where they ream you for about $1000 to play in 20 games (which you also have to pay $15 or so to play -for the ice time).... and you get "games" where the entire team chases after the fricking puck. . . sorry, but if I am playing in a league I am at least expecting some sort of rudimentary coaching ... I know full well that this does not apply to every team down here - or even up there in North America... (I'd played in drop in's at Line Creek in KC that were far more organized than the club team I played in in northwest Sydney).

My point is -- that the attitude presented can have a double edged effect ... it also rationalizes the "I'm a hero.... I'm going in 1 on 5 and never pass... because I'm the hero" attitude -- the same one that rationalizes defensemen pinching in and winding up behind the offensive zone goal line....

Man I miss the mid week semi-drop in sessions in KC (despite whatever I have ever posted about the NHL not fitting in -in that town, it is a great place to play rec league hockey... well it beats hell out of Ice Hockey New South Wales.

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