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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
It is when you have a shot at actually winning a few rounds. It isn't when you are lucky to go 7 games in the first round. Big difference imo. We blew a 2nd rounder last year for absolutely no reason other than to keep the lights and cash registers on at the Garden for 3 extra nights. Not the way to build a franchise.

I was upset when they traded Prucha and Dawes last year too. Not so much because we were losing the player, and not so much of what we were getting back either. It was at the fact that Sather HAD to do that with the jam he got into with all the restricted free agents and cap trouble. Its because he HAD to turn them into players who could help a playoff run that we all knew wasnt really going to amount to much going in. It was because he could have gotten back a pick or 2 or 3 for those guys if the record had been a little different going into the trade deadline.

Sather will always force the inevitable, which is to save face and go for it. Its to reach for that extra profit in the form of bloated playoff ticket prices, no matter how futile or disjointed the attempt at a championship may seem. Its about numbers. It about a business, short term when you are staring a potential playoff berth down. It won't be any different this year either, unless he is forced to do so. The only way that happens is if its truly evident they cant make it a few weeks after the olympic break...

Right now the Rangers are 2 points out of 13th, but also 2 out of 6th. This next stretch is immensely important for the Rangers because they've been at this same point in previous seasons. Which way the door swings these next 10 games might determine where they lie at the crossroads. What might be more important is the rest of the Atlantic dwellers and how they perform. The Atlantic sucks. If the Rangers were in the West it would already be clear that they should be sellers.

Inferno laid out the remaining games in his last blog post, and its pretty evident theyll have to play very good hockey to get a spot regardless of how the rest of the Conference plays. But its not about then, its more about now and the next several games that are important to the future of this team, because it will ultimately be the deciding factor in what Bozo is going to do. Buy or Sell...

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