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01-12-2005, 12:47 PM
Dave Hahn
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Hey everyone,

Long time Otters staff member and I recently spent a few weeks in Erie and saw Disher tend for 6-7 games and heres the scoop:

As Brock alluded to, Disher is a pure butterfly goalie and I think I can add a little bit to the discussion here. You simply will not beat Disher low...he has probably the best lateral lower movement I've seen in the league minus perhaps Gerald Coleman (who also has a couple inches on Disher). Shooters will try to expose one of his weaknesses by shooting low five hole on him but his quick adjustments while the shot is on the way is outstanding.

He has a quick glove hand but he can be beat on it by wingers coming in on his weak side. Anything in the slot or strong side simply wont beat him glove hand. Disher is an upright butterfly goalie, if that makes sense. He covers the bottom of the net remarkably well but has a big frame which forces shooters to beat him high.

One improvement that I've noticed is his rebound control (again as Brock pointed out). He is very good in not giving rebounds out on shots anywhere near the middle of the net. But something I've noticed, and it was really noticeable one game in Saginaw...if Disher knows he has to give out a rebound he is becoming great at deflecting the shot into the corner for his defensemen. I couldn't kee ptrack of how many times Disher did this one game on almost all of his low shots. Rarely will you see a rebound given back into the slot.

I've seen him on only a few 2 on 1's, but his lateral movement doesn't really impress me. He gets side to side OK on power plays but on a rush he doesn't seem to get stopped and over commits on occasion.

As far as the Marc Denis comparision, I would say no actually. I hate to make this comparison but does anyone remember Garth Snow and his huge lacrosse shoulder pads? Thats how Disher looks in net...he covers the bottom really well and forces shooters high into his big frame.

With the NHL situation, I wouldn't count on Disher playing as a 20 year old in the AHL. Disher could definately use his OA season to refine his game. The Otters are going to have 7 OA's heading into next year, which could make it interesting. His backup, Jhase Sniderman and him have been sharing the time pretty evenly the past 10 games or so.

I hope I gave you some decent insight Jason.


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