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01-12-2005, 12:50 PM
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Actually as a pacifist in general, mine came in a very odd way.

I was playing Junior BB, I think I was 17. And due to injuries, I was called up to play Junior B for a couple games.

So I go in and am very quiet. And I go out and do my business. Right winger, just skate up and down, do nothing to hurt my team. One decent play, I got a helper by taking a hit to send a guy in on a breakaway.

As the game goes on, our team is winning, I think it was 5-2 or something. I am on the ice for my shift near the end of the game and the whistle blows and I am skating towards my own goalie. I just happen to turn around and there is a scrap going on. No big deal, but the problem was I saw two guys with the wrong coloured jersey grabbing on to one of the guys with MY coloured jersey. So I did what every good teammate does and I grab on to the guy and throw him off my teammate.

Well, I didn't see what was behind me but someone grabbed me by the cage and ripped my helment off and he got me good with the first punch and I went down like a sack of hammers.

On my hands and knees, the dude grabbed me by the hair and lifted my head long enough to punch me a couple times in the face, once in the nose. I was happy that the ref grabbed him immediately after that, because I wasn't in a position to get back into it. I was 6'0 about 185 at the time and this guy was rather huge.(either that or he sure looked huge but I think he was about 6'3 and fairly bulky.)

So there isn't enough time left in the game so whoever was fighting was thrown out, and I go with my teammates back to the room. (Three of us were ejected) I start taking my equipment off and am pretty much done when the team comes back in the room.

As they are coming in, the coach comes up to me and pats me on the stomach and says..."I saw what you did and you can play on my team anytime."

That was cool.

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