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01-29-2010, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
I'm one of those old school fans that finds the most excitement in winning. If given the opportunity to switch teams with the Devils over the past ten years, I'd gladly take it.
Well then, that's a left turn...

Let's see...the Rangers have averaged 44 wins and are an average of 14 1/2 wins over .500 in the last four seasons. Yes we know a .500 record is devalued in the NHL but they have won. But still not entertaining?

What I think you are saying is that you want to be an elite team every year. Top 3-4. Yeah, who doesn't? My message to you is good luck with that. If you only want to win or contend) for the Stanley Cup and nothing else matters then you clearly don't understand how professional sports work.

In the past 4 years, 10 teams (Buffalo 2X, Detroit 3x, Anaheim 2X, Ottawa, Edmonton, Carolina 2X, Pittsburgh 2X, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago) have made it as far as the conference finals. Only 5 teams made it more than once. The Stanley Cup finalists in 2006 are the two worst teams in the league today. Being a consistent winner is the most diffiicult thing in sports and tougher in a league where teamwork and chemistry plays such a big part of team results. Having a salary cap doesn't help either.

I think Ranger fans who live in New York are jaded by the Yankees. The Yankees play in a sport where chemistry is nice but hardly necessary and hard work is trumped by skill. And spending $50MM more than any other team doesn't hurt either. We, nor any other team in the NHL, will ever be the Yankees.

Those of use who live in other parts of the country and are thrilled when one of their teams actually breaks through and wins see things a little differently.

Entertainment is in the eye of the beholder. I think the team has been very entertaining over the past few years. Jagr, Lundqvist, Gaborik and may others have given us great memories. If this is such bad hockey, how come you (not specifically you nyr2k2) are still coming back?

What tipped me on Sather is this -- he's had his rebuild and while the team has been pretty good the last several years, it appears we've taken a big step backwards this year. The young core is good but not good enough. Some of the free agent signings have been questionable and a couple have been really bad. And while I was initially a big fan of the Tortarella hiring, now I'm not so sure. To me, the bell curve has topped out and I think the franchise needs a new voice and perspective.

Of course, I caution you and me be careful what you wish for because you may get exactly what you want.

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