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01-30-2010, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by thejlb View Post
Hornqvist hasn't come back down to earth. If anything it looks like hes trying to expand his game to more then just goals within 2 feet of the goalie. Maybe he's tired of getting facewashed and beaten around. I don't pretend to know these things I just know he's very effective real close to the goalie not so much from further away.

To the worry warts come on now we have gone through much worse then a 5 game losing streak. We made it through a 7 game losing streak earlier in the season. This is the biggest upset to me is when fans give up, I know most of you guys are just mad about the outcome of the past couple games. I am too. The best that accomplishes is alot more preds fans with negative attitudes. We've done better then expected this season. We get a nice homestand coming up and we're gonna definately need the support of all the fans possible to get in the mood to cheer on our boys and hope they react on our energy. To expect playoffs in the begining of the season was never expected outside of Preds fans, we overachieved very early on and now were starting to settle down a bit. Perfect time to get amped for the atlanta game. We all know they want to win. You can't argue with effort of trying to win tonight. I expect the same tommorrow. If the fans aren't there how do you expect them to get motivated. Its bad enough with the weather but you throw in negativity about our teams play and how many people you think are gonna go.
My job as a fan is to go to the game and enjoy it, not motivate the players. I will give them my support when they earn it. They need to motivate themselves. The coaches need to motivate them. They get a pretty nice pay check last time I checked. I don't think anyone else gets a big round of applause every time they walk in the office at work. I have always applauded their efforts on the ice when it's deserved but motivating themselves is on their shoulders, not mine.

On a different note, the guys played hard tonight. They should've come away with a win tonight but Ellis gave up an incredibly soft goal at a time in the game we had a lot of momentum on our side and were only down one. We hit a post and crossbar on one shot and a crossbar on another. We hit a goalie pad instead of Leggy lifting the puck into the net. We had Marty not knocking a puck home and Stuart making a great play by saving Howard's butt. I can't complain about their effort because I thought they skated hard out there tonight and Howard stood on his head for the most part. It happens, play well and lose. I think when you play well and lose, at some point, you'll start getting wins. If they play like this again tomorrow night, I'm sure we'll have a W. If we come out and play flat, then we haven't learned from our previous mistakes and deserve the loss. We'll see which team comes out to play tomorrow night. I know I'm braving the elements to make it tomorrow night. I hope the team shows up as well.

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