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01-30-2010, 02:03 AM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
Carcillo might not have the pure skill that some of the top 6 do, but at least he shows up and comes to play every night. Maybe if he was on one of the lines, he'd chew someone out for not playing up to par and maybe they'd show up.

Our bottom six has been better than our top six and honestly, it isn't even close. They show up, they hustle, they check, they fight, they do everything they can to win. If our top guys even had a drop of what those guys have, this team would be a dominant team. And that's sad. Absolutely zero heart from our top guys. Sometimes I wish Clarke was the GM because you know he'd be tearing new ones into the guys who play in the top six spots. As well, our captain doesn't seem to give a crap either, and that bugs me to no hell.

Richards is supposed to be the leader of this group. This is supposed to be his team. All what I've heard about Richards is how he's a "quiet leader" and he wants to lead by "what he does on the ice." Sometimes, you need to speak up and rip people when they aren't performing and he's failed to do that. Oh yeah, he's got into a scrum with the media about the whole partying thing and everybody viewed him as a hero, but when it comes to his own team, he says jack s-h-i-t. It's time for Mike to grab the reins and start being a leader. If it means tearing a new one into Gagne for not finishing on the ludicrous amounts of chances he's been getting, then he needs to do it. If it means ripping on Hartnell for playing like crap, yet continuing to pick up a 4+ million dollar a year pay cheque, then do it. If it means holding guys like Pronger, Carle and Coburn accountable for their piss poor play, then do it. Instead, he does nothing. Absolutely disappointing.

I say put a C on Laperriere and give Betts and Carcillo the As and I guarantee the atmosphere in Philadelphia changes. For way too long, players have come into Philadelphia and don't care. They act like they're entitled to the ice time they're supposed to get and they act like they're entitled to be paid a premium. The sense of entitlement needs to stop and instead, an attitude of being grateful to play for one of the best owned franchises in the league should become the norm again.

Yeah, I'm mad. I'm mad that this team took a huge dump in mid November to late December and did nothing but roll over like a dog. I'm mad that this team replaced a mediocre coach with a good coach and there doesn't seem to be any sense of desperation from anyone. I'm mad that they've played some games this month that they've won when they didn't deserve to. I'm mad to see that the top guys are still taking nights off when they want and that our captain refuses to hold guys accountable. I'm mad that the mediocre play continues and there's no sense of urgency that we're a low seed in the East. This is supposed to be a Stanley Cup contender and they look like anything but.

I've been a die hard fan of this franchise for over 30 years and I've never seen a group of players who have played for the Flyers that have acted like this. Not even Lindros acted like these guys are. It's a complete disgrace to watch and it rips my heart out to no end to watch guys that just don't care.

Give me a team made of Carcillos, Laperrieres and Betts. They show up, they come to play, and more important, they care.
This **** again?

I won't comment on the rest of the post, but the "put Carcillo in the top six" experiment has been done and it failed. He doesn't bring anything offensively in a top six role except for the ability to grind.

Even if don't believe that, even if you believe that he could perform in the top six, then why would you want to break up our best line (the Betts line) by taking a third of it apart?

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