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01-12-2005, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD
Convient excuse. McNabb looked worse against the Bucs than he did against the Atlanta and he wasn't doing jack against the Panthers even before injury.

Neither QBs are known for their play-off prowess. McNabb has played in more play-off games, but has lost more play-off games. Culpepper took his team to the NFC Championship (and got crushed) in his one and only showing play-off run. McNabb may have more experience, but to say he is a better post-season performer doesn't hold up.
At least McNabb is in the postseason. It is a convenient excuse because it was the reason the Eagles lost. They only gave up 14 points. The one drive they had in the 2nd quarter Todd Pinkston ran his own play on the 20 yard line, who knows what could have happened then, but to think the Panthers were really that much better in the game is absurd. Let's play the game again but this time no cheap shot on McNabb and he will be completely healthy. If they can beat the Packers they would have beaten Carolina.

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