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01-30-2010, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by TheHotRock View Post
yes, because firing sather and replacing him with messier means that we will be potentially competing for the cup.
You don't know that Messier would be the replacement. You also don't know whether or not Messier, if hired, would do a bad job. None of us know who the new GM would be or what success he might have, but we all know Glen Sather. We all know what he has done in his 10 years here and, by your own admission, it hasn't been good enough.

Failing to act because you are afraid the alternative might be worse is just sad.

this team will be good enough to compete for a cup in 2-3 years. so we're gonna either miss the playoffs or get bounced in round 1 this year. i'm ok with that.
What if we're not? None of us can truly predict how these prospects will turn out. And what other mistakes will Sather make between now and then that will further hamstring this organization? 3 years from now will you be saying the same thing you are today?

is it ok that i wanna see what the team will look like when stepan, grachev, sanguinetti, et al are playing real minutes before i jump down management's throat?
All those prospects will get their chance whether Sather is here or not. Firing him doesn't change that. I don't understand your loyalty to Sather. What has he done to deserve the chance to see if those prospects can live up to the hype?

When he was first hired, he had the luxury of taking a few years to turn things around. It's been 10 years and we're still little better than we were when he took over. Take Lundqvist out of the equation and we're no better than any team from 98 to 04. You may be willing to give him 3 more years, but I'm not. He hasn't done anything to deserve it.

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