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01-12-2005, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire
Can you explain something to me KPD? How come out of all the Kings players and prospects, Anson Carter is the only one you have had faith in?

Frolov- Not that great
Brown-Probalby a third liner
Tambellini-Why isn't he putting up more points
Boyle-Wasted pick

Anson Carter.....He's going to score 25-30 for us.

Something is wrong here.
reason being is that unlike most people, i dont think potential translates into "all likelihood". on this board (meaning hfboard members), eveyrone keeps throwing around potential and stardom for prospects like it's guaranteed. for some reason, people expect their players to always reach their max potential, i think that is a ridiculous notion. im more convinced by proven results then that of the hopeful.

frolov has immense potential, he can be a star but has a lot of work to do before he reaches that point. by star, i also mean more then just a 1st liner, im thinking of someone who can actually carry a team.

carter has already proven he can put up numbers on the board, one bad year doesn't mean he's not capable of bouncing back. that's the reason why i think he has it in him still and worthy of being resigned. this matches my feelings with ronning when we let him go.

as for brown, i'v ebeen a huge brown advocate, i don't know where u get anything negative about brown from me. poitns or not, this guy produces in the intangibles and gives the team somethign that every team needs, heart. i don't care if this guy becomes a 2nd liner or reserve forward, i want him on our team. projections though? i think he'll be a very solid second liner and border line first liner, but again, don't matter much to me, i just want players like him on our team.

boyle, i already made my point and don't need to reiterate the millionth time. i think we coulda got mroe value period. if he does well in 6 years time, that's great, but why not get someone who could feed us a bit sooner. i do understand the argument that i think kingspawn (don't remember) gave, so pickin a project might not that be a bad idea after all. but i still hold we coulda traded down for someone like boyle.

tambellini, i dont really recall talking about him much, i think he'll do well for us. in fact, i think the only time i remember asking about him was when i asked how he was doing and someone posted that he was doing well, so i don't really worry much about him. size concerns me a little, but has a strong lineage, so if they can do it, so can he.

so forgive me if i don't overrate our prospects and think we should be a bit more groudned when projecting our prospects. i actually think kingsjohn and dfa do a very good job ranking them and probably give mroe weight to their opinions more then anyone. if im wrong, so be it, but it'll take more then a lot of points in the AHL or NCAA to convince me a prospect is legit.

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