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01-30-2010, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Honestly the distraction has nothing to do with Halak. It has to do with the fact they thought Price was ready when he wasn't and it will now have to do with how ready he is at this moment. 'Cause no matter who you bring as the #2, what if Price can't bring his game to a much needed level and whoever the #2 is can? Then, you'll have the distraction between Price and #2. If Price is traded, then I don't believe that nobody expects Halak to be a saviour. So no matter who comes as #2, people would more easily live with a tandem than waiting for the saviour to "save" us....

Now....I am not implying to trade Price. Not at all, I want to keep both unless an overpayment comes our way. I'm just saying that for the "distraction" factor, trading Halak won't help not having it.
Imo that's most likely true... However, chances are the management thinks Price would benefit from a confidence vote, and from having nobody in the rear view mirror. They've went down that road before (Huet) after all...

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