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01-30-2010, 07:24 PM
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LA's offense offends
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Originally Posted by SJGoalie32 View Post
That is an absolutely atrocious call.

Here's mine:

Up 2-0 with about 3 mins left in juniors. Attacker came in 1-on-1 and fired a slapshot from just inside the blue line. Butterfly save, puck underneath my left knee (pinned, but 3/4 of the puck still visible and uncovered) in the middle of my crease. Guy blows past my defenseman untouched trying to get the rebound as I cover it with my stick against my leg pad. In full stride, he barrels into me, knee into my head, driving both of us into the goal. My head and neck slammed into the padded bar in the middle of the net as the force of the impact knocked all of us clear to the end boards. I laid down for about 5 minutes trying to regain my senses and waiting for the headache to subside a bit. Finally I started feeling better and got back into my crease and put the net back in place.

Was still trying to shake off a little bit of the cobwebs when I noticed that not only were we not on a power play, they were dropping the puck at center ice AND the score was now 2-1. I was livid!

I skated halfway to center ice demanding to know why it was a goal. They said the puck crossed the line and so it counted. I reminded them it went in because he interfered with me and basically checked me into the goal. They said it didn't matter. I dropped a few f-bombs, skated over to my team's center, pointed at the other team's goalie and ordered him to run the other team's goalie because the ref now says it's perfectly legal which led to some further heated arguing between me and the ref.

Game ended in a 2-1 victory without further incident on the ice and I didn't have to make any more saves (thankfully), but not without a bunch more obscenities thrown at the ref. Ended up following the guy into the parking lot, stick in hand, and had to be physically restrained by teammates. Not my finest moment and I regret my post-game behavior, but my head and neck were throbbing and I just complete lost it over the fact they allowed that clearly dangerous play to count.
What rink were you at? Was it Logitech, down south, or out of California? And I guess the ref of my game has a history of biasedness down there...

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