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Originally Posted by jacklours
Then it doesn't count as a fight. Since there was none
Rule 59(a) in the Hockey Canada rulebook states the following...

"A Major penalty and a Game Misconduct penalty shall be assessed any player who fights."

Nowhere in the 5 points of this rule, does it say that there must be two willing combatants in order for a Fighting penalty to be assessed. In fact, point 3 says this...

"Any player who does not retaliate after being struck will not be assessed a penalty under this section, but may be assessed a penalty for a violation of other rules."

As for my situation, it happened exactly as was assumed above. One player decided he wanted to fight, so he dropped his gloves and started punching the other player, who did not want any part of it.

Originally Posted by jacklours
Why is there only one guy in the second period who got 5 for fighting, I doubt he started to punch in the air. When someone fights it's with someone, if not then aren't you supposed to give 5 minutes for ''coup de poing'' instead. Don't know the proper term in english, but it means hitting with your fist
Rule 59(f), Note 2 says this...

"The Major penalty for roughing is not to be confused with and utilized in lieu of the Major Penalty and a Game Misconduct for fighting."

There is a such thing as a one-man fight. If you're officiating in Canada, whoever told you that there needs to be two willing combatants to have a fight is dead wrong.

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