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01-31-2010, 02:42 AM
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Green led with his elbow and dished out a dirty hit that could have seriously injured Frolik. Green also let his emotions get the best of him after being smoked by Stillman and tried to make a big hit out of something that wasn't there.
3 games is fine. I hope he learns his lesson.

That being said, I think the reason he got 3 games even though he doesn't have a prior record is due to all the negative publicity concerning the Cormier incident. No problem then. As long as the clowns that run the NHL are consistent in the future. A player's prior history or whether the player was seriously injured should not matter. A head shot is a head shot. The precedent has been set.
Unfortunately, after the Cormier incident dies down it'll probably be back to the old ways in the NHL.

It's the only way I can explain to myself the reason that Gonchar got off Scott free for a much, much worse elbow and Jovocop only got 2 games twice for some pretty vicious elbows. It's either that or quite a bit of favoritism in the NHL front offices and I am trying to stay away from conspiracy theries.

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