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01-31-2010, 03:12 AM
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you guys are all retarded...its hockey for god's sake, this team isnt doing **** this year, next year, or the year after that. poor moves were made by sather, the players we have are mediocre and overpaid... and thats just the bottom line.

blame the players all you want...but hear me out..if we were to change our name with the vancouver canucks and analyze our roster as if we were looking at the vancouver canucks roster, we'd immediately ***** the vancouver canucks as a borderline playoff team with no shot in hell at success for the next few years.

lets face it; drury, redden, kotalik, avery, lisin, prospal, callahan, dubinsky, anisimov, christensen, higgins...who in the hell fears any single one of these players? there isnt a physical attribute that any of these guys posses that another team doesnt have or can't compete with.

this is a bad team. our gm is bad, our coach is an overglorified .500 guy who happened to win a cup and outside of a few players, we don't have any distinguishing attributes.

this has been beaten to death over the last couple weeks but you all need to read it an accept it for what it really is. this team isnt going anywhere. enjoy the wins and don't get so ****ing worked up over the losses.

it's hockey for ****s sake, these guys are making more than you ever will in your life to play a game. who gives a **** about them outside of the fact they're an entertainment business.

you guys remind me of the same type of fans who get worked up over WWE matches.

just have fun when you can and stop caring so much, maybe we'll see a cup eventually, maybe's really not that important.

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