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01-12-2005, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD

My criticism is based on watching them play. No CBs have the inside help or pass right up front that the Eagles CBs do. Considering the circumstances, their play has not been anything special. Give any half-decent CB 47 sacks and Dawkins/Lewis helping them and they should be adequate. More to a point, I have not seen Sheppard and Brown in nearly as many man situations as the Eagles used to have. When Taylor and Vincent were starting (not that they should be now), Johnson was more aggressive blitzing. Why? Because Vincent and Taylor were more adept at covering.
Why don't we look at it another way. The Eagles have generated more pressure this year with less blitzing than last year with a more aggresive and blitz heavy approach. Perhaps Lito and Sheldon get more help because the front four provide more pressure than they did the last few years and they CAN get more help, instead of your position that they get more help because they need it. I think Lito is fine as our number one, but if you feel he's better suited to being a #2 corner that's fine. I think your statement that Sheldon is a nickle back at best was pretty harsh. He's done just as good a job as Sheppard has this year. You can think that the reason they've performed so well is because of Dawkins and Lewis, but until they get burned, which they haven't all year, I'll still have the opinion that they are better DB's than you give them credit for.

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