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01-31-2010, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Viau View Post
Then gladly do it. If I want to know about Eklund, I know his website ; tired of seing his name at the begining of half the rumors threads on HF. He's not the onyl ****ing hockey blogger in the world.
When you think about it, it might be the best solution. For everybody that hates to see him getting more hits, having 1 guy report the news on HF doesn't make it more hits for him. Only 1. We might even consider having a Eklund reporter. So that we'd be sure we hear about his fun stuff AND to be sure we don't give him too many hits. As far as not polluting HF with tons of Eklund threads, I might be flame for this, but we might even consider a sticky for it. Anybody who hates him, will just delete that thread and will never hear about it. Everything who likes it either because they think he will eventually be right OR just for the purpose of a discussion, will have access to it on the 1st page.

Some might consider it way too much to give a sticky too him but the thing is that the "phenomenom" exists and trying to avoid it like it doesn't understand is not too close to reality.

At best, Eklund is just a subject provider. Take his rumor and start a discussion with the names he's providing. Pretty harmless.

I don't think he's knows a whole lot of stuff and the only day I believed he proved his worth, was 2 years ago at the UFA period. I was actually impressed by how many signings he had before the others. Since then, the trades and even the last UFA period was not that stellar so my point about him is that while he might have "some" contacts, he is indeed using that fact to fabricate other stuff. But again, subjects that he's providing to start a discussion, if only that, are not that much worst than 3 threads on a guy who never wanted to come here, or the Price vs Halak thread or all these other interesting threads we've had around here.

I believe that having a sticky is the way to go. Less hits for him, a thread with some possible nice discussion for the ones interested, a little "X" to click on if you never want to see a Eklund thread ever again....

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