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01-13-2005, 05:41 AM
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OK, I do think that the Eagles' CB's are better than average although I really don't think that Sheppard should have gone to the Pro Bowl.

But I hear the Viking fans on here going on about how the numbers are boosted by our two superstar safeties. Well, since the Vikings don't really have a running game, what do you think those safeties might be doing? Oh, I have a brilliant idea, maybe....helping in pass coverage? I don't think that the Vikings, particularly Moss are going to get very many 1 on 1 opportunities. You guys also talk about how the Eagles' CBs are boosted by the pressure that the Eagles usually apply. Well since the Vikings have about an average O line I believe, what's to think that all this pressure is going to disappear? Even though Culpepper is excellent at evading would be tacklers, the time he takes scrambling is time that he isn't throwing deep to Moss or Burleson and the Eagles LB's should do a decent job on preventing Culpepper from getting too many yards on the ground.

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