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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
I don't buy the Kovy to KHL thing. Sure, its possible, but I really don't think its likely. I think its more of a looming threat than a real destination for Kovy.

At only 26, with a family being raised in America, and a great career thus far, but without any tangible success, I am banking on Kovy being HIGHLY interested in playing in the best league in the world on a good team for once in his life. The Russia option will always be there. They will always have a league with big young russian stars and aging russian stars. Kovy is in the middle of the pack and can go play there when he is 35 and still get a mega pay day and in all likelihood, dominate that league at 35 just as well as he can dominate this one at 25.
If you can get paid more money to play the sport you love in the country you were born and raised in as opposed to a county you came to a few years ago, I guarantee you he'd pick the first option. The Stanley Cup is secondary to Russians, the Olympics and World Championships are more highly sought after. Add into the fact that the NHL might not release players for the Olympics in the future and the KHL becomes a real option.

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