Thread: Recalled/Assigned: D'Agostini recalled.
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01-31-2010, 07:22 PM
Kjell Dahlin
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Since Dec 12th, D’Agostini, in 19 NHL games played, had 0G and 0A, limited/poor (too lazy to verify!) number of hits and his +/- was at -9. All that while receiving a decent amount of top2 lines duties.

7 days ago, the Habs sent him down for a two weeks conditioning stint. He collected 1A in 3 games played. The good news is that he did shoot the puck 10 times.

Stats aside, D’Agostini is easily knocked off the puck, he does not attack the net nor does he fight hard for the puck, he was not using his shot enough, he was playing with near zero confidence and he still is an average sized player.

As you can see, I am definitely not a fan though I still remember the à la Ryder (in Ryder's good days) D’Agostini: the sniper that we saw during his first 10-15 games with us in December 2008.

So... they want to give another chance to 23 years old D’Agostini?

Fine; he did show us NHL speed, shooting skills and a knack at keeping the passing lanes open (positioning) in the slot – especially the mid/higher end - I hope he makes the most of his opportunity because right now, no one can convince me that D’Agostini > Trotter or Desharnais or Pacioretty.

PS Pacioretty needs time in the AHL but at least he was working hard and did throw his body around: he still rank 4th in Habs land in terms of hits. Though when 68 hits in 52 games played is enough to put you on 4th, it means you are playing for a totally "ungritty" team... but that's another topic!

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