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01-31-2010, 08:12 PM
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As one of the founding members, and now a season ticket holder, I wanted to comment on a few things.

First -- super excited for the team. How can you not be? The SoB's have over 5000 members and counting. We have sold out various parts of the stadium and I think (hope) this will be good for the development of Chester and the surrounding areas. Included in a deal for the stadium is continued waterfront development including commercial and residential space. Personally, I would love living on the riverfront, regardless of location. The area could experience a rebirth, much like Waterfront Park provided in Trenton, NJ. If anyone can remember, that area was a complete dump 15 years ago. It is now home to a gorgeous stadium, a nightclub/restaurant, increased commercial space, a parking garage, and they have just completed several very nice townhomes in the area. Also included are major, needed improvements to Rt 1 and 295. Mind you, this is from a Double A baseball team -- MLS is bigger and better and I think we will see similar results in that area.

As far as the team goes -- how about the shrewdness of our owner staff? They acquire THREE top 10 first rounders in our draft without moving much, plus Fred, who is a semi-star in his own right and a very nice player. The other acquisitions are great -- I think you will Seitz continue his success and become an excellent goalie, Orozco seems to be a young player who can help tremendously on the blue line, and the reports on Mwanga and McInerney are solid at this point. Not to mention we have some MLS "vets" who will help with the transition for foreign and rookie players, including Thomas, Califf, Miglioranzi, and Moreno.

If you don't think these moves are exciting, then I don't know what to say. They bring in a coach with success and a determined to create a "sandpaper" type team -- lots of physical work coupled with stellar stamina will make us super dangerous.

As far as the team having long term success, I will not sit here and say it will work out and everything will be hunky-dory. I can say that our first season, you will most likely see 90% sell outs (if not higher), lots of buzz around the team, and hopefully some success on the field. A successful team does help, and it will also help if we get a young soccer star on the team somehow (think Altidore in NY scenario). I can tell you this -- the Sons of Ben will be at every game singing and chanting. It took us so very, very long to get here, and we'll be here no matter what. I'm not sitting in that section myself, but there are many people who staked a good portion of their lives into this teams success -- and we haven't played a single game yet.

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