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01-13-2005, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by HungryforHockey25
No disclipine. In fact, you were 4th in the league for penalties. Sounds like your team lacks disclipine in many of your games. So maybe we don't need to worry about stopping your offense, you'll do it for us.
Are you expecting me to disagree or something?

Originally Posted by HungryforHockey25
Scoring 1 touchdown and getting a boatload of penalties says struggle to me.
Well number of tackles by a CB tells you how good they are, so what is your point?

Maybe you have a very loose definition of 'struggle', but most teams would be ecstatic to 'struggle' and get 400+ yards.

Originally Posted by HungryforHockey25
Yes, our defense with a healthy Kearse and a healthy Hollis Thomas, lowest points allowed in the NFC, not as good. Whatever.
Yes, whatever. Did you even follow the Eagles back then? More sacks, fewer yards allowed, fewer points allowed, more INTs. Not to mention the subjective opinion of watching them play. This Eagles defense is not as good as 2001. Nor is it the dominating, game-controlling unit you indicate.

Originally Posted by HungryforHockey25
We won't play as good as the last game. We'll play better. We've gotten better since that game, you would know that if you actually watched us play.

Heard that line before, still don't buy it. Here is an idea: why don't you try to support a point instead of just repeating it. I know I have watched the Eagles play. Reading your thoughts, I have serious doubts you have. All I get from you is some stats you looked up after-the-fact on ESPN.

Get back to me when you have something meaningful to say.

Originally Posted by HungryforHockey
I'll go by what the league thinks, they are pro-bowl quality.
Somebody doesn't seem to know how Pro-Bowl selections chosen. They are not selected by the league. Making the Pro-Bowl is about PR (teams lobby with the reporters) and popularity (fans vote) more than anything else. All-Pro carries weight. Pro-Bowl is fluff. Fricken Matt Birk made the Pro Bowl. He had his worst season as a starter and has been hurt all year.

Originally Posted by HungryforHockey
Let me know when it happens, haven't seen it happen yet.
Perhaps you should read Dr. Love's responses to you then.

Again, go to the Other Sports forum and ask which is the better CB, Brown or Winfield. You talk tough, so why don't you go and back it up? Care to put your money where your cocky mouth is? Or do you just sass off when you don't think anybody else can hear?

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