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01-13-2005, 05:04 PM
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Certainly was a wild one.

I'd like to see a more comprehensive replay of the "no goal" that was scored in the beginning of the 3rd that would have given UNH the 9-5 edge but was waved off, seemed like all the players saw it go in, but they didn't show any good replays of it on the broadcast.

Oh well, can't complain that a win was deserved when you give up 9 goals. Kind of a fun game though, LOTS of scoring chances, the difference for the first 45 minutes was that UNH scored on theirs, where Dartmouth had some bad bounces and I actually thought Petree played a solid game in net. I think it was the 2 goals at the end of the 2nd period that were the gamebreakers.

All in all, it was a fun game as it was happening, but now I think everyone would like to forget it ever happened, and that is including Dartmouth fans, who had to watch their team give up costly turnover after costly turnover.


As for Dan Travis,

Kind of a shame he doesn't get in many games, because he really is a good player, and as Ryan pointed out, does have chemistry with Winnik (whenever they were on a line together last year with Caron, they dominated).

Unfortunately there is something about his game or his work ethic or something that must rub the coaching staff the wrong way.

You can always tell with UNH teams what guys are in the doghouse because they never play and guys who are similarly or inferiorly skilled get lots of ice time. Same situation currently with UNH's Mark Kolanos.

I think Umile better start playing Travis soon before he pulls a John Doherty and bolts.

Personally I could do without Andrew Leach for a few games, not because I think he is bad, but because he takes too many penalties.

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