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02-01-2010, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
First, with regard to forwards playing defense: when your forwards backcheck, your dman's job is exponentially easier...And you transition to offense much more efficiently. Hockey 101.
NJD - perfect example of this and a very underrated piece of winning teams. When players like Datsyuk,Zetts, Parise, Zajac do this with regularity, it hurts their total offensive output but more often than not, their teams go deep in the playoffs.

Ovechkin doesn't do this - but he's got elite skills, maybe he gets a pass (although I suspect this will need to change before Washington makes the finals.)

White is a journeyman having a nice season on a lousy team.
That point should not be lost. Leafs are awful. White's been their best defenseman but so what. He's consistent and reliable but can never be a top defenseman. He's solid for what his skills allow him to be, but that's nowhere NEAR Phaneuf, not even at his worst.

And Phaneuf's skillset is superb. How quickly we forget that this guy was a finalist candidate for best dman in the league just a couple of seasons back.[/QUOTE]

short memories. Locker-room issues aside (cuz who really knows unless you're in the room), what Phaneuf brings is rare and valuable.

Originally Posted by Dice on Ice View Post
I think that cost-effectiveness is getting lost in the analysis. Toronto is taking a mammoth gamble on Phaneuf. If he's seriously a locker room problem, and he's a guy who for whatever reason can't seem to work out the kinks in his game, then Burke has to pay him $26 million over the next four years. In the era of the salary cap, that's enormous.
Even Sather has shown (and continues to show) how easy it can be to rid yourself of these "bad contracts" - always another sucker out there.

Originally Posted by JPIsles21 View Post

Now Burke has dealt more of his dwinding assets for another question mark in Phaneuf to help turn the franchise around. With nothing of value left aside from Kadri, and Schenn, the team has run out of assets to acquire a top line center it really needs, and the secondary scoring they will now need. Things will get much worse for the Leafs, and without their lottery pick this year or next, it may take years for this team to be consistent contenders again.
Burke has the ability to acquire talent and he's got appeal to UFAs (for whatever reason). Whether it's signing college free agents or euro goalies, whatever. Add to that, he knows what he wants and isn't afraid to make bold statements - with the media and with his roster moves.

IMO, Burke inherited a nightmare situation with horrible contracts paralleled with major sub-par talent. Jason Blake has been horrible and most of the players moved were not players Burke wanted.

Similar to the Isles (in some ways) the Leafs have top6 players that aren't good enough offensively/physical and bottom six players that aren't good enough defensively/physical.

The Isles, at least, have cap room (budget???) and young elite-esque talent and picks.

Burke is taking a different (Ranger-esque) path to building his team.

Time will tell.

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