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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
You have to remember that a lot of these guys have kids and etc. I mean, Briere uprooted his life in Buffalo after wanting to stay and moved his family down here for at least 8 years and unlike a lot of NMCs that Holmgren hands out, maybe this one was kind of important to him seeing as I believe he has a couple young kids.

So I mean, after making a commitment to a guy that you aren't going to deal him, to try to force him to waive that commitment after 2.5 years is kind of a scummy thing to do.

If he didn't have the NMC, I'd be very open to moving him because although he's been decent this year, he's certainly declining, a bit quicker than I expected tbh. But with the NMC, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth trying to get him to waive it.

Remember that the Flyers have a tremendous reputation as a place that's fantastic for players and I bet that helps us a lot when it comes to attracting FAs and etc. You think Pronger would be excited to come to a team that hasn't won anything for 34 years if we didn't have that tradition of a great hockey town with a lot of loyalty?

If the organization starts forcing guys to waive NTCs and etc., I think a lot of that rep goes down the drain.
You're kind of missing a key element here...if Briere doesn't want to go, he can say, "No." That means two things: 1) if he's not open to the idea of leaving Philly, then he's not going anywhere; and 2) he gets to control where he goes.

I feel MUCH worse for a guy like Upshall who just suddenly got a call saying thanks for the memories, here's a plane ticket.

Flyers signed a contract, and they will live up to it...just as Briere is living up to it (by playing hockey). But you shouldn't feel bad about asking the guy if he'd be willing to waive a NMC to go somewhere else if you have a deal on the table to improve your team. This isn't like stashing him in the minors or something. Not to mention, you won't see anything like what happened with Boyle in TB, because of the difference between a NTC and a NMC.

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