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02-01-2010, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by BernieHexBergEry View Post
Don't even get me started on that. Haha.

Anyway, since the topic is the Phaneuf trade I'll try to be stay on point. Why in the world do so many people think Toronto could have possibly won this trade? I think one of the polls had over 50% voting towards a Toronto win??? Besides the fact that you have to let it settle in, I think that they gave up on awful lot. I see why Homer backed away from this one. Ian White is a SOLID defenseman (plus he should fit in nicely), Hagman has first line potential (probably more of a second liner though), Stajan is decent, and Mayers is a good role player. I don't see how Toronto could have WON this trade?
* I guess this leads me back to our other conversation....maybe it would be tough to live in Toronto right would be very hard to ignore.
This trade COULD work out for both teams, but if anyone would have won the trade, I would have to say Calgary did, easy.
Phaneuf is so overrated by the Canadian media its not even funny.
Dont get me wrong, he is a good player, but if you believe some of the stuff written about him you would think hes a finalist for the Norris every year. Now that hes in Toronto that is going to get magnified times a thousand.

I appologize for initially getting this thread off topic btw by bringing up Nick Boynton getting put on waivers. maybe we can move that part of the convo to the Obsequious Thread.

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