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02-01-2010, 03:20 PM
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Please do not be a homer.. No way Flyers win 5 ,Komie and Parent or Komie and Coburn or even Carle.. You put Parent, Coburn or Carle ahead? Are you nuts? Parent can not even get out of the hospital, Coburn can not get his **** together playing with Timonen. What did they do to deserve anything, really? Komie was top hitter and shot blocker in the league for at least 3-4 years. How can you take that away from him? Between him and Volchnekov who else was that good? Schenn is what? 20 years old? 19? You think Parent is better then Shceen, is Carle better?

Carle.. Mr.I do not kill penalties or play physical game and turn the puck over. Between him a Bouche.. debatable. Depends on your needs. Bouch was excellent in that cup run. Stepped in when Pronger was suspended did everything right. Can Carle do that? Did he ever? Will he?

Of course some of the leafs UFA signing may not work out in 1st year. That’s why you can not objectively judge them in 1st year.

I am not going to bash Flyers players but you are being very unreasonable. After 1st where most fans will take Pronger over Phaneuf (rightfully so), Timonen over Kaberle might be very well a wash (that difference is really is small) I will give an edge to Toronto with the rest especially with Giggy in the net.

So yeah, if I am Leafs fan which I am not I'd be happy about this year. 2/3 of the team is set for years to come.

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