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01-13-2005, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD

Maybe you have a very loose definition of 'struggle', but most teams would be ecstatic to 'struggle' and get 400+ yards.
hmm, time for a . Somehow, I don't think that most teams would be happy with 3 FG's for 3 1/2 quarters before scoring a nearly meaningless garbage time TD...but since Vikings' fans' standards are apparently lower...whatever.

you can say fluke all you want, the fact is that the Eagles' D does not allow TD's, if you watched the Eagles, I guess you would understand that. It really seems that you have little understanding of how the Eagles' defense operates. You're just like all the naysayers and critics at the beginning of the year. They all didn't think that the Eagles could play with those corners, but with the scheme Johnson has put up, the Eagles are 3rd in the league in the category that actually matters....points allowed. I fully expect the Vikings to move the ball against the Eagles, I just don't expect them to score that many points.

I really don't see the point of you commenting on this thread anymore. It seems that this thread consists of Eagles' fans and you arguing the same point back and forth. This will be my last post in the thread and I hope that you've already made yours.

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