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Originally Posted by Opus View Post
We have to put up with quite a bit, as do the other Canadian members...especially the ones in Leaf-Land. However, it's more humourous and pipe-dreamish than anything. My Pops, a die-hard Leafs fan (god bless his heart) called me when Team Canada announced it's Olympic roster. He seemed pretty happy (at the time) that Phaneuf wasn't on the team and then went on about how overrated he felt he was. For the record, I did/do agree.

His text this afternoon, yeah. You'd swear Phaneuf was a shoe-in for the Norris.
I had my only fun living in DC. The school I went to was a haven for all the northeast US, so you had kids from Boston, NY, Pittsburgh, Philly, NJ, and DC/Baltimore.

Needless to say, half of my time (not spent enjoying "recreational activities") was spent either playing football or arguing over hockey with Penguins fans, Rangers fans, Devils fans, Bruins fans, Caps fans, and even other Flyers fans. I tried to surround myself with people who knew about hockey; mostly the school hockey team and girls that followed the team around.

I was actually kind of impressed that I could meet up with so many people who actually liked hockey in the States.

There was also quite a few people who didn't care about hockey. Some of my best friends were actually ESPN-worshipers, which is pretty annoying.

So yeah, don't take things for granted. I would love to, for once in my life, get a girlfriend I didn't have to con or blackmail into going to a hockey game.

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