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02-02-2010, 04:54 AM
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Alright, one more.........College roller hockey, late 2nd period (about a min left). We're winning 7-2 against the top team in our division who'd spanked us earlier in the season. I made some saves, play went back down to the other end.

Opponent turns around and skates up to me in my crease as the play is now in the other zone. He takes his stick and slashes it up into my groin. Obviously the guy is trying to goad me into a fight, but I was the only goaltender (no backup) so I couldn't afford to take a game misconduct and get myself ejected. Besides, I wear two cups so everything was protected and it didn't hurt.

Frustrated that I'm not retaliating, he takes a couple more chops at my groin then starts to skate back into the play with his stick still lodged in the inseam of my hockey girdle. As he's pulling his stick, I'm rolling forward with it, sort of unable to stop without exposing myself to injury.

So there I am, after several slashes to the groin, being dragged out of my crease jock I turn to my right, look the ref dead in the eye literally about 20 feet away watching all of this, shrugged my shoulders and said, "Are you going to do anything?!"

He waved his hands in the wave-off motion, shook his head, and said, "Play on!"

Needless to say, that game eventually spiraled completely out of control and ended up being called 2 mins early on account of brawling......and I made sure the ref knew his role and lodged a formal complaint with the league about the official's conduct (not that it mattered, it never does).

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