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01-14-2005, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by GregStack
The other one may cease to exist however arguments can be made that the only reason the team holds their rights is due to the last CBA, and as such they should be able to legally demand either free agency, or the CBA they were drafted under.
that is something, as noted in the post above, that would probably end up being dealt with in court... and most likely losing. the problem with CBA's for people that wish to challenge them is that it is VERY hard to beat a CBA once it is written into law by all parties.

so yes, theoretically the players could make an argument... a couple of arguments about all of this, but they may not necessarily be able to do anything about it. think on this. without the CBA declaring how long a team owned a players draft rights, the league could reach some agreement where they owned players rights or whatever else... thus what the CBA itself says concerning this issue is VERY important, so if the NHLPA negotiates something... then that is theoretically the way it is.

it will be a mess... it will ALL be a mess. from a pragmatic look at everything, you have to hope that the league gets together for this season just so the next draft doesn't get killed... how will they decide who drafts where? lottery? how would you weight the lottery? once again... a mess. i think for all parties concerned, it will be best to just accept the CBA as the rules by which you operate and get back to playing hockey... not cause more of a mess.

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