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02-02-2010, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
Yeah, but new members. Plus, if this falls off the first page they'll just make a new one.

People can't even differentiate between Out of town news and post in that thread, or just make a new one.

Someone is on waivers ? That's cool, is he a member of the habs ? No. Was he picked up by the habs ? No, then it belongs in the out of town thread. It'll be the same with Eklund threads now. I can sense it. At least they will be deleted/ moved asap. Though, I swear Eklund just reads my posts and then says Montréal is interested in that player. I mentioned wanting Brule not too long ago. I'm surprised he hasn't made one for Brouwer.
I see your point, but the closer we get to the trade deadline. The less chance this thread will leave the first page.

If this is made into a sticky thread or not. There is still going to be someone who doesn't see it and starts a new thread. So whether it's a sticky thread or not, really doesn't make a difference IMO.

As for the Out of Town thread. That's a totally different discussion, that we (mods) will have to look closely at in the future.

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