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02-02-2010, 06:14 PM
Semper Sens
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Man, headcoach is on fire tonight!

As for my tip, I've been trying to adjust to winger and the best thing I've found to do so far is set a "default" path for faceoffs. Someone mentioned something similar to this earlier in the thread, but I feel it's important to not wait to see what happens and then decided what to do, but rather know what you're going to do pretty much no matter what. As soon as you see the puck hit the ice, you burst as hard as you can along your default path.

For example, on any given faceoff (aside from the defensive zone and faceoffs where I am lined up in the slot and drive to the net) I drive to the faceoff dot or aim for the opposing centre's rear end. This helps my team gain control of faceoffs where neither of the centres win it clean (this happens pretty often in my league) and create quick chances when the other team isn't perfectly set yet. If it is a clean win for either side, I'm generally headed in the right direction anyways. In the defensive zone, of course, you're supposed to head for the point.

This helps me avoid standing around on faceoffs, and when I know what I am going to do as soon as the puck drops, I often get the jump on guys. This is also a good way to draw penalties, since whoever supposed to be covering you probably isn't ready for this in a beer league type setting.

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