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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Tips for Beer leaguers....
  1. Keep your stick on the ice!
  2. Tape to Tape passing!
  3. Keep your feet moving!
  4. Keep your head up!
  5. Dont' play linear hockey!
  6. Weave in the neutral zone!
  7. Be the first one to the puck!
  8. If your tired...get the ****off!
  9. The player without the puck in a weave goes behind!
  10. If you dump the puck, go in and get it!
  11. If you can't cross the blueline...regroup!
  12. The team that controls the puck the most...wins!
  13. Learn how to control the gap!
  14. Playing defense, allow the shooter to go to the outside!
  15. Communicate with your defensive partner!
  16. Mirror your defensive partner!
  17. Watch the transitional pass...Tape to Tape!
  18. Learn how to control the puck in your feet when you loose it!
  19. You should be as fast skating backwards as you are forwards!
  20. Always exit your defensive zone on the weak side!
  21. Always enter the attacking zone on your off wing!
  22. Always attack in a 2 on 1 as you enter the zone!
  23. Move the puck to the top of the shooting triangle!
  24. Recontrol the puck after the save!
  25. Set up behind the net!
  26. Screen the goalie when the puck is at the point!
  27. In a screen, keep your stick point at the shooter!
  28. Learn a Give and Go pass!
  29. If you get in trouble, shoot high off the glass and down the ice!
  30. Catch the puck!
  31. Add pressure to the blade to catch the puck!
  32. Work on your back hand shot!
  33. Don't worry about slap shoots, learn a wrist shot first!
  34. Trail the puck carrier into the attacking zone!
  35. If he doesn't pass, move to the slot!
  36. Use the defensemen as a screen!
  37. Only change when the puck is in the attacking zone!
  38. If the goalie looses his stick, you give him yours!
  39. Set up in an outer perimeter on the PP!
  40. Quick choppy crossover will help you pick up speed!
  41. Pass the Puck!
  42. On a delayed penalty, don't advance the puck, send it back to the defense, get the goalie off, then attack!
  43. When you have a penatly, shut up and get in the box!
  44. In the slot...take the shot!
  45. Play your position within your defensive zone!
  46. If you play defense, don't be arraid to pinch...just move your a**!
  47. 80% of hockey is skating...80%of skating is balance!
  48. Anyone can score goals, learn to be a playmaker!

Hope this helps
Head coach
This why I always stress LEARN TO SKATE FIRST!!!!
Can you imagine learning and remembering all that and learning to skate at the same time???

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