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02-02-2010, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
This why I always stress LEARN TO SKATE FIRST!!!!
Can you imagine learning and remembering all that and learning to skate at the same time???
Well, all that stuff is pretty basic. Just go through the list and say to yourself, can I do this one? Can I do that one? Then the ones that you can't do, highlight and then work on them. The other that you can do...don't worry, skip over those because you can do them. Every time you get on the ice, try something new...or not.

But the original poster did ask what you can and can't do, he asked for tips. So there they are. Oh, I pretty sure there are more, it just stuff that I quickly listed off my head. I pretty sure that is I stop and think about it, I could add more for you.

But you can sign up on my site and get all of this stuff for free as well. Yes, I know, shameless plug. It's just that I have been doing the site now for over 11 years and it has a lot of stuff you can use if you want...or not!

Yes, beer league is suppose to be fun. But it also becomes fun when you learn new things.

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