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Originally Posted by HopelessOilFan View Post
So, i looked and searched the forums and i could not for the life of me find out the proper way to do a backhand.
I did however discover that there are alot of very informed and helpful people on these forums, so i decided to turn to you guys.

I cant for the life of me get my backhand to have any power or height.
I'm alright if i simply chip it from behind, but i cannot get nearly enough power on it, all i get is height.

I've tried treating is like a wrist shot backwards and i just cant seem to grasp it. My wrist shot, snap shot, and slapper are all at least half decent, and i can aim them with ease, but the backhander kills me.
I can sometimes snap it with a quick flick of the wrists that gets it off the ground a little bit with a bit of velocity, but as soon as i attempt to put my weight into it i doesnt leave the ground at all.

I really feel like i'd be a much bigger threat if i had the ability to shoot off the backhand.
Also, im using a getzlaf curve at the moment, but had the same problems with my gagne, naslund, and sakic curves.
I use a Getzlaf type pattern and believe me when I say this unless you are skilled on the backhand you will have troubles using this very open faced blade for backhanders.

I'm pretty decent at backhanders and have a heck of a time with it using this pattern. I have to use the heel to mid portion of the blade and it was an adjustment.

The other patterns you mentioned I am not familiar with but you want a pattern that is an all around all purpose type pattern. Close faced, not very curved is a pattern you want. Good for passing, good for backhanders etc.

Headcoach described it above but if you need a visual here is a very basic technique that you should be able to do easily with not much practice.

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