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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Well, first of all, of your list only Brodeur, Luongo, Lundqvist, Miller, Vokoun, Backstrom, Kiprusof, and Nabokov are substantially better than Emery. Bolded are the elites, and the rest make up the rest of the upper echelon of goaltending in the NHL.

Thomas, Ward, Fleury, Quick, Hiller, and Emery all sit in the next tier right now.

Then you have players like Roloson, Bryzgalov, Anderson, and Smith.

Then you have your Huet, Osgood, Theodore, Elliot, Turco, C. Mason, and Hedberg.

Then you have guys that really don't know where they fall yet: Varlamov, Rask, Howard, Rinne, S. Mason, Pavelec, Price, Halak, etc.

Your post was also misleading particularly when you said that Emery gets his wins because the Flyers are so good. So does Fleurry, Thomas, Kiprusof, Nabokov, Bryzgalov, Anderson, Smith, Huet, Osgood, Theodore, Elliot, etc.

Pretty much every goalie outside the elite 4 is in danger of drastic swings in production depending on the talent of the team they have in front of them.

Goaltending is necessary to put a good team on the ice. Goaltenders have to be consistent and useful. Other than that, they are the most overrated and useless position in hockey. They are static beings by nature, doomed to ever be impacted instead of making an impact themselves. Sure they can get hot or cold, but the reality of the goaltending position in hockey is that unless you are the best of the best, you live and die by the talent in front of you. Everything from team speed, passing, skating, goal-scoring, depth, defense, forechecking, backchecking, the system, etc effects your goaltending to the point where it's almost impossible to get a read on how well a goaltender is doing outside of whether or not he is doing his job by not letting in soft goals. Most starting NHL goaltenders have the skill necessary to get a good team to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Just because you assume Emery doesn't have the skill that some of the other goalies have doesn't make your opinion a correct one.
I have no idea how you can say that Emery is in the same tier as Fleury, Ward and Quick. Hiller and Thomas i can understand a bit more because although i do think they're both better than Emery, Hiller hasn't quite proven himself enough and Thomas has always seemed a bit... lucky. I would put Emery in the third or fourth tier, and Bryzgalov should be higher up.

I will agree with you that goaltending is not essential to win a cup, and with an average goalie the Flyers could still win. But goaltending is far from a useless position, teams have been built around goaltending (New Jersey, Minnesota, Buffalo).

Lets say for example the Flyers lose during the playoffs in the first or second round and in the summer Ray Emery wants $3.5 million. Would you pay him that for the job he does when you can pay Leighton half that for the same numbers? Do you not think at that point that it would be a good idea to try trading for Halak who would probably ask for $2.5 or $3 million? Which would be less than what Emery is asking for and we've all seen Halak stand on his head time and time again and win games for Montreal? With the offense and defense the Flyers have, a young goaltender like Halak that might stand on his head all year could push them to that final step. The worse case scenario is he plays average which is what we have now, but i definitely think it's worth taking a chance on Halak instead of giving Emery a raise. Acquire him in the off season though, not at the deadline.

The fact that all 3 goaltenders on Philly have roughly the same stats goes to show that Emery isn't worth much more than what he's making now, Leighton makes almost half of what Emery does and gave the same numbers and performance.

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