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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
Last season was a career year. This season isn't a down year, it's pretty much what is the norm with Hartnell's career. Look at his previous years. He's a 20 goal/40 point scorer. Last year was the first time he scored 30 goals and 60 points. I don't see that ever happening again.
Its absolutely a down year for him. You have to factor in the injuries he has dealth with being a physical player. Over his last 6 seasons he is averaging 27 goals and 50 points per 82 games. He is also averaging a shooting percentage of 12.7. This season he is on pace for 18 goals and 43 points and has a shotting percentage of 9. Do the math. That is a down year for him. The 30 goals last year is much closer to his average than the 18 he is on pace for this year. At the beginning of the year he was on a PPG pace for like the first 20 games or so, then the entire team went in the crapper....He just doesnt seem to be connecting on his shots at the moment, similar to Gagne. I could care less about the minors. That is who he is, and it never hurt his production before....I dont think that has anything to do with lack of production. If anything, I think Carter's slower pace has hurt him more so.

The problem with the minors is that it's always the same stupid thing he gets nailed for (cross checking someone in front of the crease, interfering with goaltenders, tripping, etc.....). You'd figure he would learn where the line is, but he consistently crosses the line. At some point, he's got to improve on that stuff and he just doesn't get it.
When you play agressive in front of the net like that, you are going to get penalties....He is an agressive need a couple guys like that.

I like hearing how the Flyers are "Charmin Soft". For years, the Flyers tried replicating the Broad Street Bullies. It got them no where. So, they are now moving towards a skill based game, but yet they still have to be this rock 'em sock 'em team. It's getting old. And I wouldn't classify them as being soft. They may not initiate contact the way the teams of old would, but they aren't afraid of it either.
I am the one that made the original comment about being soft. It has nothing to do with playing rock 'em sock 'em......It has to do with being able to withstand the punishment of the playoffs....and handling the bigger forwards on teams like Pittsburgh and Washington. Ignoring Carter, whose size is a waste, who the hell in our top 9 forwards can match up with someone like Staal, Malkin, Ovechkin, Kunitz, Guerin, etc. I want Hartnell in the lineup to play against guys like that, to jump in and protect guys like Gagne, Giroux, etc.

The problem is that the negatives far outweigh the positives. And once again, he's being paid 4.25 million a season to score. He was brought in to fill a role. That role was to be Knuble's successor and he's failed big time at that. What made Knuble so great was the fact that he never took stupid penalties the way Hartnell does. Hartnell just continues to perform the same act over and over and doesn't care. And that's what bugs me. Eventually all the good players know what the line is and won't cross it. Hartnell just pisses everything in the wind and this team has to play catch up because he's done something idiotic. The guy has been in the league now going on 8 seasons. If you can't establish what the line is in terms of excessively stupid behaviour, then you don't belong in the league.
Unfortunately, the stupid behavior was allowed by the previous coach....We will see what happens after some time under Lavi.

He is paid 4.25 million to score, hit, fight, play in front of the next, play solid defensively, and be a power forward. He is not a one dimensional sniper. Ignoring the "down year" he is easily worth 4.25 million. How many power forwards in the league are not getting paid that much??

Ales Kotalik also makes substantially less money than Hartnell and he's only signed for two more seasons at 6 million over those two years. Hartnell has three years and 12.75 million dollars remaining.

Ales Kotalik is an absolute waste. Talk about an overpaid player.

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