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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
He played in Syracuse for almost one full year and did his job; Hitchcock went out of his way to break the kidís spirit imo. Whatever, that's old news now, in the end it's a big money business and at this point Filatov has a job and Hitchcock doesn't. We will see if he is traded to Pittsburgh or anyone else soon enough.
We can go back to the preseason, when all anyone either with the team or simply observing said the same thing to a man: "I didn't see Filatov do anything out there". That was in practice, in preseason games where he was given a good chunk of ice time, and into the early regular season. I emphasize this again: Filatov played his way down from the second line to the press box in barely a month. It had nothing to do with mind games, broken spirit, or anything else. It had to do with someone who walked into training camp with a superstar attitude and without the game to back it up. Period.

Originally Posted by CapnCornelius View Post
Unless Howson moves money at the deadline just to make space for Torres he's gone. Teams typically don't take on salary at the deadline. Ergo, Torres is gone.

What evidence do you have that Howson would love to re-sign him? If he was really that in love with him, he'd have started talks about a contract extension by now.

The contract doesn't have to be huge to not fit in our budget. Getting what he has now would put us over the cap midpoint, so unless the salary cap goes up significantly (and no one has predicted that it will) Torres is as good as gone. Were it my choice, we'd spend more. But given the team's crying broke as it is, they aren't going to make a move that will cost them $14,000,000 in revenue sharing.
Considering the acrimony between Torres and Hitchcock, to go ahead and re-sign him by this point would have been tantamount to saying, "Ken, I don't give a damn what you think." Teams are successful when the coach and GM are on the same page, and although Howson may have regarded the issues between Hitchcock and Torres as being incredibly petty, he wasn't about to openly declare war on Hitchcock (which is exactly how it would have been perceived by Hitchcock and by a good chunk of the media covering the team).

To your first point, there's plenty of options that stand a good chance of happening before the deadline that go way beyond "Torres is gone" or "Modin is gone". My gut feeling is that someone will make an irresistible offer for Torres that will render all of this talk meaningless anyway.

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