Thread: Larry Brooks: Torts fiddles as Rangers burn
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02-04-2010, 08:12 AM
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I agree that Torts should let the lines be for a few games, but when they dont score a lick - you have to try and get things going. I have to be fair because I criticized Renney for the same thing.

I think with the last game, he wanted to see what Jokinen could do on the top line and maybe catch lightning in a bottle. I would have done the same. Sometimes you get that first game jolt of a player coming in. I dont blame him for trying that. In fact, i thought he should have left that line alone. I thought they were beginning to figure eachother out with little passes and such and they were starting to cycle the puck nicely. Then he broke them up.

When the Rangers were going good they were rolling 4 lines that were consistent. As soon as they have one bad game he breaks it all up. I think he should go back to the lines that got them some wins, and put Jokinen Avery and Dubinsky, or Callahan.

But it really doesnt matter when you have all shooters and no one to pass them the puck. The Rangers need more playmakers, they have 2 - Prospal and Christensen (and hes just ok at it). Dubinsky isnt a great playmaker, Callahan only know one direction - straight ahead. Drury - lol, Anisimov gets to the net but hes still learning on the job. Outside of Christensen and Prospal, the only other semi-play makers are Gaborik and actually Avery who can make an occasional pass. Jokinen is known as a shooter but he's got pretty good vision too.

We dont have any threat from the blueline except Staal sneaking in and Del Zottos stretch passes that works 25% of the time. Rozsival used to sneak in well but doesnt any more and he cant shoot it on net. Gilroy has a weak shot and has shown nothing even close to what we all got excited about in preseason. Redden + Girardi - lol.

So even if you leave the lines alone and try even imaginable combination - its tough to ask for things to click on a consistent basis with this lineup. When your captain and 7 million dollar forward is playing on the 4th line - and is on pace for under 30 points for the entire season, yeah, you have problems.

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