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02-04-2010, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I'm actually pretty weak on salary cap outside of the relative scale. I've never sat down with someone who understands the intricacies of it.

I know right now we're spending $319,502 a day on the 26 following players:

F: Briere, Richards, Gagne, Carter, Hartnell, vanRiemsdyk, Laperriere, Carcillo, Giroux, Asham, Betts, Cote, and Powe.

D: Timonen, Pronger, (Rathje), Carle, Jones, Coburn, Parent, Tollefsen, Syvret, Bartulis, and Krajicek.

G: Emery, Boucher, and Leighton.

Then there's players who are no longer on the active roster who amount to $25,485 which I assume doesn't count:

Pyorala, Nodl, Kalinski, Laliberte, Backlund, Ross, and Bourdon.

Based on the daily salary cap of the NHL which is $56.8 / the 193 days in a season, which equals $294,300, we're over the cap at $319,502.

Then you take away Rathje at $18,135 putting us at $301,367. Then I assume Parent and Syvret are both on LTIR at the moment as well putting us at $293,958.

That puts us literally at $324 under the daily salary cap currently.

That's as far as I understand. Now is where it gets iffy for me.

I understand to the extent where Cullen's salary cap hit based on how much money we actually have to spend on his contract.

But what I assume is we would have to make room for him on our roster by sending players down to the tune of his $14,896 a day.

So yeah, we don't even make the cap with Parent and Syvret both on the roster. We have to come up with nearly $15,000 a day to carry Cullen.

Is my understanding correct?

I had to kind of self-teach myself everything about the cap. It's still a little difficult.

My biggest question is if Cullen is added, why do we take on his entire daily cap hit ($14,896) and not the daily cap hit of what's left on his yearly salary cap hit?
Simple, because his entire contract is split up into daily increments. That daily increment does NOT change. Carolina has paid him him $14,896 every day this season, and if he gets moved, his new team pays him $14,896 a day also. The financial result is if he got traded today, his new team pays him roughly 900k, since they only pay him his daily salary for a third of the year. His salary of $14,896 does not change, just the employer.

Don't think of what's left of his salary as a cap hit in any way. 900k is not cap related, it's literally the amount of money he is to be paid for playing the rest of the season in the NHL. His cap hit is $2.8 something. That is all that matters. If a team trades for him, they need to absorb his cap hit of $2.8 million, even if they only have to pay him 900k in actual cash.

Your list of players includes 27 people, haha. That might put us over the cap a bit. Rathje is LTIR, as is Parent and Syvret right now. Jones is dead money. And guys like Pyorala and Nodl have no effect on our daily cap hit as long as they are in the AHL.

I have a spreadsheet of all the salaries currently on the cap, and we have roughly $0.43 mill cap space. Enough for call-ups and send downs, but not enough to absorb salary, expecially a guy like Cullen, without moving a guy like Carle.

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