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02-04-2010, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by dookie88 View Post
The Sabres and Devils are where they are because of goaltending.
A case could be made for goaltending being the only reason.
Miller is playing fantastic and Brodeur is Brodeur, that's why they are that good this season.
As for skaters, I doubt that both, Buffalo and NJ, are better or close to what the Flyers can offer.
Goaltending might be the only reason for the Sabres, but NJ has a pretty good all around team as well.

NJ and Washington are better than the Flyers. Pittsburgh is a maybe. The other teams, probably not.

Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
hopefully Emery's injury brings his asking price down
After going to the finals with Ottawa as a 23 year old, Emery signed a contract worth $3.17 per year over three years.

I'd be okay with that kind of contract for Emery here, but it'd be nice to get him somewhere around $2.75.

Originally Posted by HabsRock View Post
I think most people would agree that The Penguins, The Sabres, The Devils, are better or close to the Flyers. Having said that, how comfortable are you going in to a playoff series where both teams are roughly the same, but the other team has Miller, Brodeur, Fleury and the Flyers have Emery?
Not that worried other than with Brodeur, because even if he isn't hot he's got a good team in front of him. It would take a very hot Miller I think to lift his team over ours in a series. Fleury and Emery in my mind is a wash and depends on which goalie is hotter. In my mind, in both those cases, the team makes the goalie, not vise versa.

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