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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I'm not saying he isn't the best defenseman in Flyers history. I know he is. I know he was a great player, but, as you pointed out about half people in this thread not mentioning him, that is what I mean by forgettable. Not that he sucked or anything like that. It's like you said, he didn't have the attention that Hextall and Schultz had and therefore is not remembered the way that Hextall and Schultz are. Hextall and Schultz are remembered as Flyers legends. Howe isn't. And it isn't for because he wasn't good. His stats clearly show otherwise. But one of, if not the main reason to retire number is because of their legendary status. Not because of their stats. Obviously stats play a role, but a guy like Hextall (who arguably has the stats) or Schultz was more than just stats. Again, I'm not saying that he isn't a Flyers great or anything like that, and I said in my earlier post I wouldn't be in opposition of retiring his number, I'm just saying that I'd rather see Hextall and/or Schultz up there before Howe.
It's ignorant to say Mark Howe isn't a Flyers legend. If you ask anyone that watched the Flyers back then they will tell Howe is a legend. Did you ever see Howe play in the mid 80's?

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