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02-04-2010, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by brian822 View Post
It's ignorant to say Mark Howe isn't a Flyers legend. If you ask anyone that watched the Flyers back then they will tell Howe is a legend. Did you ever see Howe play in the mid 80's?
That's what I'm talking about. If you ask anyone WHO SAW HIM PLAY he is a legend. If you ask someone who didn't, he is forgettable. If you ask anyone if Hextall or Schultz is a legend, regardless of whether they saw him play, they will say he is. I didn't see him play in the 80s, and that is why I don't think he is a legend. I didn't see Schultz or Hextall (or Parent, Clarke, etc) play either, but I know they are legends. I know who Howe was and I know he was a great player and had a great career. I have even met him before (he has a house on LBI and was in the same softball league I was in). But again, like I said a million times, it is not just about stats. It is about the mark they left on the city/team. Clearly if people don't really remember him or consider him a legend outside of the people who saw him play, he wasn't that much a legendary player. If he was, everyone would know who he was and that he was so legendary. Again, I AM NOT SAYING HE WASN'T A GREAT PLAYER.

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