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Originally Posted by FlyersRKings View Post
This statement hurts my brain. He doesn't score, hits occasionally, makes me wish Knuble was here in front of the net to show you how a player SHOULD play in front of the net, and could never be considered a power forward.

On top of that, we're paying him close to Carter's salary to be an abysmal player with inexplicably bad passing, a penchant to take atrocious penalties, and fight.

We pay Asham and Carcillo a quarter of what he makes to do the same things, and they do it better.

If Hartnell's production was 4 times what they do, then maybe he'd be worth 4.25 million. I would rather, however, find an actual power forward with some skill to boot and a leash on his temper.
Yeah yeah yeah....and last year everyone loved him when he scored 30 goals......Take a look at THE ENTIRE LINEUP. The entire team went in the crapper for almost two months. Scoring is down among most of our forwards compared to last year.....

How about Carter???? Why isnt everyone bashing him??? He is on pace for only 32 goals compared to his 46 last year. HE SUCKS. TRADE HIM.

How about Richards??? He is only on pace for 64 points instead of the 80 he had last year. HE SUCKS. TRADE HIM.

You can look at everyone on this team and see that they arent scoring on the same pace as last year. EVERYONE.....Our third leading scorer is a dman for god sake, when was the last time that happened???

Hartnell's numbers are down this season like the rest of the team, simple as that. Everybody just decided he is our #1 whipping boy now and ignores the fact that Carter and Richards are on a much slower pace than last year as well.

And where in anything did you see me say he was better than Knuble??? Knuble was light years better at playing in front of the net, we all know that. Which is why the moron Holmgren should have waived Jones and kept Knuble....but hey, what do I know??? It is so shocking to me that Richards/Gagne numbers are down after they lost their RW from basically all of last season and they dont have anyone to replace him.

Hartnell has just as many goals as Asham and Carcillo combined.....while playing dreadful.

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