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Originally Posted by FlyersRKings View Post
My point is you're defending him as if he's well worth the 4.25 million he's making.

Don't get me started on Jeff Carter. He needs to figure out another move other than the shot from a bad angle from the top of the circle after skating down the wing. But he still only makes 750,000 more than Hartnell, and I thought the Carter deal was atrocious as well. Is he only worth .75 million more than Harts?

Knuble made 2.8 million. You just admitted you'd rather have him than Hartnell for two-thirds the cap hit - most likely still less than Hartnell even if we had given him that raise he wanted.

He was never worth the salary we gave him, because he doesn't do one thing very well. He does 'everything' - with mediocrity.
Find me a player of his size that scores between 25-30 goals that, and here is the most important thing, WAS SIGNED AS A FA, and is making less than $4.25. And players less than 24 years old dont count, cause their next contract will absolutely be making more than that. He is playing like **** right now, no doubt....but he was certainly worth it last year, and 3/4 of the prior year after getting off to a slow start. He started off this season on PPG pace...he went in the crapper when everyone else did, and is the last one to come out of the slump obviously....hence why his play really stands out at this point, in a bad way.

No, I didnt say I rather have Knuble than Hartnell....I rather have kept Knuble in addition to Hartnell, instead of Jones.

I am not going to debate Carter's contract. That is what younger "stars" are making these days....cant do anything about it. You are contradicting yourself though. You cant say that Carter's deal is atrocious and then question if he is worth only .75 more than Hartnell???

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