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Originally Posted by HopelessOilFan View Post
So, i think one of my problems may be weak wrists.
I tried all i could and i seemed to get some power behind it but couldnt get it very far off the ground, unless i chipped it.

Also, after watching that youtube video i noticed i do almost the exact opposite of her when i backhand.
When she flicked her wrists the toe of her blade went upwards, where as mine points downwards when im finished.
It just feels awkward to do it the other way. such thing as weak wrists. Well, the whole concept of the blade pointing towards the goalie is to add accuracy to your shot.

Let me ask you this? Did you work on the back leg to front leg weight transfer?
Plus, did you start with the puck at the heel? It must start at the heel and then move forward towards the tip of the blade.

Plus, what I want you to do is adjust the launch point. At the point of launch, you have to make sure that the stick continues to have full forward pressure on the puck when you are pushing it. Yes, this sound kind of crazy.

But if you don't have forward movement then the backhand shot becomes weak. During that back hand shot you have to have the feeling that you are adding more pressure to the puck at launch time. Plus, make sure that this pressure stay on the puck as you follow through.

Adjust the point of release on the puck. Try it a little more forward off the leg that is near to the goalie by about a 1/2 to 1 inch. See if this helps in lifting the puck. You might be releasing the puck too early causing it to fly low.

I guess at this point the only thing I can tell you is....practice!

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